Royalty Accounting

Your job is to make great music.
Ours is to make sure you’re paid properly for it.



Statement Accuracy Review

We have designed and built our own royalty software called RoyaltyTracks. This world-first technology converts your recording and publishing statement data into our own format enabling our team of experts to quickly find anomalies and make sure you’re receiving all the income you’re entitled to.

To ensure the service is affordable for artists of all sizes, we base our pricing on the dollar value of the royalty income you receive. Drop us a line to find out which bracket you fall into.



Statement Production

If you are an independent record label, or
independent artist, your contracts may require
you to provide royalty accounting.
We take care of that too.
We generate statements for your:

• Bands / Artists
• Producers
• Managers
• Band members
• Sample holders



Royalty Income Analysis

Once your data is inside RoyaltyTracks, the real magic happens. We create global dashboard reporting and analysis on your royalty income across all agreements, giving you the information you need to make the best business decisions. You’ll gain valuable insight into the things you’ve always wondered:

• How much am I making on streaming?
• What’s my highest earning territory?
• What are my top 5 earning tracks?
• How is my new album performing compared to my last?
..and more

Want to discuss your royalty needs or find out more about our Royalty Tracks software?

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