White Sky Royalties Update – Issue #10

News and views from the money side of music


Spotify equity payouts

So, has everyone got their equity payout now? 3 out of the 4 major label representatives (I include Merlin here,) have cashed in their chips but each of them are treating the income differently. Here’s a summary of how things should be going down:
Sony: Announced that they would pay through revenue outside of recoupment at the contractual rate. i.e., even if you’re account is unrecouped, you should be getting paid.
Warner: Accounting revenue on royalty statement at the agreed streaming rate, subject to recoupment.
Universal: Have not sold their shares yet. Interesting …
Merlin: Paid out all their label members who will be treating the income as they see fit. There is no one rule for Merlin’s hundreds of members. Merlin members include digital distribution services like AWAL and InGrooves.
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