With great pride we announce Kavisha Kuruk as our newest Company Partner at White Sky.

After working as an accountant in general practice and later the magazine publishing industry, Kavisha began her journey at White Sky in 2014. With a passion for Australian music and a natural flair for numbers, Kavisha quickly rose through the ranks to claim the senior position of Business Manager.

Kavisha has since completed her CPA qualification, was instrumental in  launching the company Tax division last year, and will now join John Atkins, Damien Luscombe, Mike Landers and Matt Bird as Partners of the White Sky Group.

“Being the first female Partner is something I’m really proud of. I want to make sure I represent women well at the top level. I’m lucky enough to work with clients such as Meg Mac, Sampa the Great, Jack River, Nai Palm and Vera Blue – all amazing and hard working. They inspire me to be the same.”

Taking time out of her (very busy) schedule, Kavisha shared her thoughts on working at White Sky, what it means to be a Partner, who inspires her in the industry and what she’d dance to on a desert island:

What do you love about working at White Sky?
“First and foremost, the people!
You don’t get much better staff than here, all hired because they have a passion for numbers and music. I also love how fast paced it is – there’s never a dull moment.”

Who has been an influence in the industry for you?
“Our very own Director of Royalties (and recent recipient of the 2019  Outstanding Achievement AIR Award), Gerry McKenna. She is a boss lady and has made waves in the industry.”

How do you feel about becoming a Partner in the company? What does it mean for you?
“It’s a life goal achieved! It’s been something I’ve wanted ever since I decided I wanted to become an accountant… to feel part of something beyond being an employee.” 

What 3 words would you use to describe working at White Sky?
“Innovation / Welcoming / Teamwork” 

What are 3 desert island albums for you?
“Dark Red by Shlohmo – I listen to this album almost daily, it’s dark and moody; Bloom by Rufus Du Sol – ‘Innerbloom’ is a song that always puts me in a better mood; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix – something to dance to.”

“I never thought I would be able to combine my accounting degree with my love of music. And going to gigs of course is a bonus.”