Today, Austrade have announced the application period for Round 3 of the new EMDG scheme


Open AEST 9AM on Wednesday the 15th March 2023

Close AEST 4PM on Friday the 14th April 2023


This four week application period is by far the shortest time-frame Austrade have issued across all forms of the EMDG scheme to date. Austrade have a history of extending these short turnaround times due to applicant feedback, but being the third year into the new EMDG scheme it seems unlikely that an extension would be issued.


Austrade have announced changes to the scheme in Round 3, including a shorter agreement period of 1 year (with a possibility of extension depending on funding), which has decreased from a maximum of 3 years in Round 1, and 2 years in Round 2.

Also among the changes is the re-definition of Tier 3 entry requirements. The full set of guidelines can be found on Austrade’s website


If your business was included in a 3 year application in Round 1, or a 2 year application in Round 2, you will still be under agreement for 2024.


However if you were under a 2 year agreement in Round 1 and wish to continue exporting into 2024, you will need to re-apply.


Please feel free to reach out to our EMDG experts at