Our Team


Founder/Managing Director

Tom started White Sky in 2002 working out of his bedroom. His first client was the indie record label Rubber Records. From there he started helping artists with their bookkeeping on the side, all the while promoting himself under the name White Sky.

Tom co-managed The Temper Trap from 2006 to 2011, taking the band from small Melbourne venues to world-wide success. He currently manages folk-pop band The Little Stevies and their kid’s music side-project Teeny Tiny Stevies.

In 2009 Tom was asked to join the board of the AAM (Association of Artist Managers) and in 2012 took on the role of Treasurer.

After nearly 20 years in the industry, Tom remains committed to his career-long passion to continually improve the way White Sky assists artists and their teams in navigating the business side of their careers.


Director at White Sky Royalty Accounting

Gerry’s career in the music industry started in the late 1970′s working in accounts at Charisma Records, above the legendary Marquee Club in London. In the early 80’s Gerry worked at Mute Records and later became a Director of the company.

Throughout the late 80s and 90s Gerry was at the forefront of the expanding international music scene; working as a royalty consultant for Polygram Music, and as Head of Royalties for The Mushroom Group which included overseeing statement production for the UK and European Mushroom offices. In 1998 Gerry identified a need in Australia for an independent forensic royalty auditing and statement production service and was quickly recognized as Australia’s number one music royalties expert.

In 2012 Gerry formed a new alliance with the White Sky group and now heads up the White Sky Royalty Accounting division.

Serge Bolzonello  C.A.

Director White Sky Tax

Serge’s career started at the Australian Taxation Office where he worked from 1985 to 1989 auditing the large multi-national companies. He later moved into public practice and in 1993 took the bold step of leaving his employer to start his own tax and accounting firm.

In 1995 Serge began to specialise in the music and entertainment industry and led the way in establishing one of the first specialist tax and advisory practices in the music space. Representing many of Australia’s most successful artists and forging close relationships with like-minded lawyers and accountants world-wide, his practice quickly became one of the largest in Australia.

Serge helped launch White Sky’s newly established tax division in 2018 as one of Australia’s most experienced music industry tax experts.


Partner, Senior Business Manager

Starting in 2009, White Sky was John’s first real job out of Uni. He started at the bottom and has grown with the company, learning all aspects of what we do first hand and in 2015 was promoted to the newly created position of Senior Business Manager.

When he’s not crunching numbers John is a regular at Melbourne music venues and festivals, he barracks for the Kangaroos, and dabbles in the black arts of band management on the side. Unfortunately John’s favourite bands are never played in the White Sky office as they’ve been deemed too loud and distracting. Sorry John.




Partner, Senior Business Manager

Damo joined White Sky in 2010 with a Commerce degree and six hard fought years working on the front line of his family’s accounting firm. In the six years since he joined White Sky, Damo’s had hands-on experience with every element of the services we offer and become an expert in most.

His innate understanding of the challenges of running a small business makes him a client favourite. His process driven work ethic and attention to detail make him a valued member of the team. His love of the Kangas makes him indispensable.




Partner, Senior Royalty Analyst

White Sky Royalty Accounting was still only a few months old when Matt joined Gerry to help handle the unexpected workload and bring even more royalties experience to the team. Matt had previously worked in the royalties department at Shock Records for eight years and as Royalty Manager for the last seven.

By night, Matt plays tenor saxophone with various outfits across town and could probably get a horn section together for that soul revival project you’re working on.



Partner, Senior Business Manager

Joining the team in 2013, Mike has been part of White Sky’s growth and hunger for innovation as a Music Business Management firm.

With years of experience playing in dodgy Melbourne bands, a Bachelor of Business focusing on marketing and the music industry, and a Diploma of Financial Services, Mike brings more to the table than just a great attitude and work ethic.

As a Senior Business Manager and Partner, Mike is committed to readying his clients for all levels of success in the music industry and is passionate about delivering a new level of professionalism.



Partner, Senior Business Manager

After graduating from Monash Uni with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), Kavisha worked for a tax firm for 5 years and then as the Financial Controller at a magazine publishing company.

Her love of music drew her to White sky where she quickly found herself working with some of her favourite bands.

Kavisha spends her weekends going to gigs, binge watching TV shows, NBA and recently completed her studies to become a CPA.



Business Manager

The boy from Ballarat with a head for numbers and a passion for music. Dean finished his Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2009 and couldn’t get out the door quick enough. He set sail for Europe and went to as many music festivals as humanly possible on a student’s income.

The next couple of years saw Dean working in accounts in film & television before he finally got his chance to work with some bands when he joined White Sky. In his spare time, Dean enjoys reading and discussing psychology and in 2017 began studying for his MBA



Business Manager

Martin is a country boy at heart, spending most of his childhood on a sheep farm in country Victoria. In those days he would spend more time in a shearing shed than at a gig, but his love of music was always clear.

After studying commerce at La Trobe Bendigo, Martin headed to London to get a taste of the big city life where his love of music really took off, spending most of his spare time at gigs and at festivals across Europe.

After returning to Australia Martin found his way to White Sky where the blend of music and numbers has seen him shine.


Senior Account Manager (Canada)

Taylor spent the first four years of his career working in public accounting in his hometown of Perth while committing all his spare time to managing his friends’ bands.

After tiring of the suit-and-tie life, Taylor packed up and moved to Melbourne in search of a career that would combine both his passion for music and accounts (yes, you read that right, a ‘passion for accounts’).

12 months of making coffee later, Taylor finally landed himself a job at White Sky, quickly impressing his co-workers and advancing steadily over the years to the role of Senior Account Manager.


Senior Account Manager (USA)

Recently making the move to live over in the United States, Stuart joined the White Sky team in 2016, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to combine his obsession with music and his passion for numbers.

As a bass player in the soul, funk and blues scene, he spent nearly 20 years playing across Australia. At the same time, he’s kept his head for numbers with a variety of bookkeeping jobs across several industries.

While he’s cut back on his music commitments, Stuart can still be found playing the odd show or as a punter at any number of gigs.


Senior Tax Manager

When Alice came across a LinkedIn post that described a foreward thinking, non-traditional accounting firm focusing on services in the music industry, she knew this was the ‘something different’ she’d been dreaming about.

After meeting with the team and learning about the culture and firm’s vision, it was a no brainer that White Sky was the place she needed to be. With a Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (CA), Alice knew making the move would align her passion for music and her career in tax.

Alice’s hobbies include a varied list of playing guitar and piano, mixing vinyl, archery, travel (especially when weird and diverse foods are involved) and training for mini triathlons with her very active pups.


Senior Tax Accountant

With a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting, Brendan was destined to join the team at White Sky.
To add to the already impressive CV, Brendan came to us with a wealth of hands on experience having founded and run his own tax firm working predominantly with musicians.

Eager to build on his music tax expertise with like-minded peers and find a support network to expedite his development, Brendan reached out to White Sky and soon took on an important position in our tax department.

When not in the office, you can find Brendan performing in various bands around town on bass and keyboard, or composing music for video games.


Senior Tax Accountant

When he isn’t recording or producing his own music, or being a guitarist for hire around town, Nils puts his Chartered Accountant hat on with the sole aim of helping musicians make more money from their craft.

Just as he was finishing up a long-term position in a senior role in another accounting firm, Nils decided to try his luck at White Sky as he was keen to work with like-minded people in an industry he’s passionate about. The timing worked, and he started a week later!

Nils fit into the White Sky culture immediately and also brings a generous portion of gusto and good humour to the team.



Practice Manager

Originally from Auckland with a working background in design and production, Marinelle crossed the ditch in early 2014 to immerse herself in the Melbourne arts, music and culture scene.

Marinelle was looking for a role in a company that would match her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. When she came across White Sky she knew she was home. Her experience in office management and other administration talents bundled with her eclectic taste in music made her a perfect fit!


Head of Finance and Operations

Born and bred in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Jamie crossed the border to get a taste of life in cosmopolitan Melbourne. Jamie was on the hunt for a role that would enable him to make full use of his CPA and MBA qualifications along with the experience gained from a finance career dating back to 1990.

The Head of Finance and Operations role at White Sky was a perfect match for his talents! We don’t even hold his support of the Swans against him anymore.



Office & Marketing Manager

Bree applied for a bookkeeping position at White Sky but we felt straight away that she fit our culture so well we put her in charge of the office, bringing with her 10 years of admin experience in arts organisations.

Busy on the festival circuit as a drummer for Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife and Dan Parsons, she also runs her own boutique booking agency, Canyon Bookings.

A natural multi-tasker (she is a drummer after all), we recently expanded her role to include Marketing and social media, so she can further cement White Sky’s trusted position in the industry, and make up funny hashtags to go with it.



Royalties Analyst

Hailing from Manchester in the UK, Kate studied Maths at Durham University, graduating with a Masters. She made the move to Australia in 2013 and after living a miserable existence in Sydney, decided it had to be Melbourne or bust.

Applying for a role as Account Manager at White Sky, we decided that with such a mind for numbers and a passion for music and spreadsheets, the Royalties department was her natural home.

Kate is a multi-instrumentalist and currently plays with local indie pop band, Peter Dickybird. She also has a keen interest in food (eating and preparing), with her specialty being Tiramisu (which she has yet to make for the office).


Senior Account Manager (Sydney)

In 2014 Sasha left her native Russia to pursue her studies in sunny Australia. With two Master Degrees and extensive finance experience in her pocket, she joined White Sky in early 2019 when she decided to transition from tax accounting to the exciting world of business management.

Based in Redfern, Sasha heads up our Sydney office. After hours, she can definitely be found at the nearest local gig and enjoying the sunshine.


Account Manager (Sydney)

After completing an MSc in Communication Science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Lottie somehow ended up working in finance. She liked it so much that she decided to take a job at the music business management firm Thomas St. John, heading up the Amsterdam touring team for three years.

In 2019 she made the move to Sydney and after hearing about White Sky, reached out knowing it would be the perfect fit. The timing could not have been better – Lottie joined the Sydney team and hasn’t looked back!

Outside of work, Lottie enjoys baking delicious sweet treats and travelling, with Iceland and Hawaii her favourite places to explore so far. Plans for exploring the rest of Australia are up next.


Senior Account Manager

Another one of our star recruits we drafted from across the ditch, Jason studied accounting at Vic Uni in Wellington. During this time he had exposure to the ‘events industry’ working in finance and then logistics at the Rugby World Cup 2011.

He then spent three years working for a defence contractor and water infrastructure company which drove him to pack his bags and travel the world. After four months he landed in Melbourne and scored an entry level job at White Sky within the week where he quickly worked his way up to the Senior Account Manager position.


Senior Account Manager

Growing up by the beach in Northern NSW, Dolly packed her bags for the big smoke and landed in Melbourne. The last 10 years has seen Dolly live the number cruncher’s dream, having the opportunity to work across a number of different industries.

But after finally seeing the light, Dolly made the move to White Sky. Immediately showing her potential and accounting experience, it didn’t take long for her to be promoted to Senior Accounts Officer.

Dolly has never looked back and working in the industry has seen her love of music grow ever more passionate.



Senior Account Manager

Entering into White Sky from a background of corporate accounting in the UK, Lee migrated to Australia in 2015 looking for something more in line with his skill set, but most importantly, work place values.

It’s safe to say he found it at White Sky.

A keen music and sports fan outside of work, or should we say ‘muso’, Lee enjoys spending his time walking his dog Benny, hitting up some gigs and taking a drive out to see the best of Victoria.



Senior Account Manager

After completing her Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at La Trobe University, Chrystalla took a couple of months off and travelled to visit family in Cyprus.

On her return, she worked for a manufacturing business and tried her hand at a corporate level. However, she realized that vibe wasn’t for her and landed at White Sky with a passion for music and numbers.

She’s currently studying for her CPA and looking forward to completing this in the next couple of years.Apart from music, her other passions include sport and watching a lot of trashy TV.



Senior Account Manager

Matty got his foot in the door by cold emailing White Sky and bragging about his skills at trivia. Finding out that he has a Bachelor of Business (Finance) and Bachelor of Accounting, as well as years of experience in the music scene as a touring singer and band manager – we realized we really needed another ace trivia hand on payroll.

Matty’s booking, performing and international touring experience, coupled with a love of the world’s dingiest live music venues has helped him understand our clients’ needs and allowed him to move into the role of Senior Account Manager.

He’s a self-confessed punk connoisseur, beer nerd, Simpsons obsessive and dog lover.



Senior Account Manager

Tired of mundane finance jobs, Jenny came to White Sky in search of like-minded people and quickly found what she was looking for, settling into her dream job.

Moving to Melbourne after studying at Griffith University in Brisbane, Jenny fell in love with the city’s culture, music scene and cooler weather, and quickly formed a habit of attending as many live shows as possible.

Moving quickly up the ranks to Senior Account Manager, she is incredibly happy as she gets to wear sneakers to work every day.



Senior Account Manager

As it transpires for many Adelaideans, Cass made the move to Melbourne in search of bigger and better things after she graduated from Adelaide Uni with a Bachelor of Commerce. Kicking off her career in a number of small to mid-tier accounting firms, she tried her hand at one of the Big 4 Banks. Unsatisfied with the creativity levels in the banking industry, she re-directed her journey towards the music industry to combine numbers with music – which turned out to be Cass’ jam.

Cass is excited to pursue her passions at White Sky and even more excited to meet and work closely with like-minded individuals. She is currently studying for her MBA.


Senior Account Manager

Initially completing a Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Polytechnic, Zack went on to complete a Graduate Certificate in Accounting at Swinburne, prompted by a growing interest in the business side of the music industry due to his personal experience releasing and performing with his band The Outdoor Type.

White Sky became the perfect fit for Zack as it merged both of his passions of music and accounting, and its unique working environment fit right in with his ethos of “never wanting to working in an actual accounting firm.”

He is currently undergoing his Masters of Accounting at UNE and his band continues to find success, touring extensively both at home and internationally.


Senior Account Manager

After graduating from Bond University on the Gold Coast, Taylah decided to make the move to London to work and travel for a year.

The following year she moved to Melbourne to start her career, and quickly found her calling at White Sky, starting in a graduate position, she quickly rose to become an Account Manager.

Taylah has always loved going to gigs and music festivals, and since working in the industry her passion for music has continued to grow. Young and ambitious, she looks forward to seeing where her career at White Sky will take her.


Senior Account Manager

Alex made the move up from Hobart to Melbourne in pursuit of a dream career in music accounting. After three years as a part of Deloitte’s Audit team and completing his CA, he was ready for a new adventure and had White Sky firmly in his sights.

Not long after dropping in a resume he found himself part of the team, realising that dream and has been loving it ever since.

When he’s not getting involved in Melbourne’s live music scene, Alex’s spare time is taken up by a number of electronic music projects – crunching the numbers by day, tweaking synthesisers by night.


Senior Account Manager

After previously working in a public practice tax firm, Ruby was looking for something that she felt more passionate about, so she sent a random email to White Sky.

Fast forward a few months and she’s now an Account Manager working with some of our top clients, always with a friendly smile.

Currently completing her CPA, Ruby gets to as many local gigs and festivals as she can, as well as cleaning up on the netball court and spending time back in her home town in Daylesford.


Account Manager

Working part-time in Brisbane while studying for her Bachelor of Accounting, Maren completed her studies and began working in public practice, running a tax outlet for individual returns in the Torres Straits.

Outside of the office, her big passion is acting and getting involved in anything film. She performs with an improv and sketch comedy group which has travelled to Perth and Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

Maren first became aware of White Sky whilst getting new headshots done and actually couldn’t believe that there was a place that combined accounting and the creative industry, so took it upon herself to keep bugging Tom until he finally agreed that this should be her new home.


Banking Officer

With a Bachelor of Accounting under his belt, Johnny left his home in Adelaide and headed for the bright lights of Melbourne. As an avid music fan, a position in the music industry was just the ticket for Johnny, having only experienced life in a corporate industry until he came across White Sky.

Now as our Internal Banking Officer, Johnny gets to listen to music every day, whether it be on the tram, at his desk or at the gym.

Apart from a love of sport and hanging out with his family and friends, Johnny also loves dogs and misses his black Labrador living with his parents back in Adelaide.



Born on the tropical island of Mauritius, Ludo made the decision to move the slightly less tropical island of Australia, and landed in Melbourne to start his studies in Hospitality Management. He then decided to do something that he actually liked, so began his Bachelor of Accounting instead.

After spending six years in a financial role at a hospitality company, Ludo started looking for a new challenge and eventually found his way to White Sky to become our trusted Banking Officer.

A keen music and sports fan, Ludo always ends up in a very respectable position on the ladder in our office Footy Tipping comps.



Banking Officer

After hearing about a role for a Banking Officer, Sam jumped on the opportunity, knowing White Sky would be a perfect match for his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Finance.

Outside the office he is a basketball referee at a state level, and sometimes brings those skills into play within our Banking Department – making sure the scores are correct and no one’s left on the bench.

He is also an avid Richmond supporter, which helps bring some balance to the Kangaroo army that is strongly represented around the office.





Account Manager

Nic took the plunge and cold emailed White Sky’s Managing Director to ask for a job after he graduated from his Bachelor of Commerce at Monash Uni. Majoring in Accounting and Economics, he desperatley believed he couldn’t handle a ‘normal’ accounting job out in the financial field, and wanted to find something that combined his passion for music and the skills he’s learnt in his degree.

To his complete surprise, Tom offered him a position, and Nic found himself in a ‘real’ job that did just that..

In his spare time, Nic spends most of his time writing and performing with his indie-pop band, Telescreen.


Account Manager

When Luke’s mate gave him a nudge when he saw an ad in The Brag for a job going at White Sky, Luke jumped at the chance to broaden his experience, having worked previously at other tax firms.

A keen NBA follower, Luke’s always on-point in his role at White Sky and puts his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance to good use.

He also loves AFL (goes for Essendon) and you’ll regularly find him attending local gigs around town.



Stevie Martin

Admin Officer

With a background in fashion and an Arts Degree in Politics, Stevie was drawn to White Sky like a moth to a flame for a music-related admin position.

Born in the Northern Territory, she brings with her a calm nature that you come to expect from the Top End and she loves nothing more than spinning records and hanging out with her pet turkey,  Damo.

Although she is not actually named after Stevie Nicks, she definitely rocks an iconic style.


Careers at White Sky



We’re far from your typical accounting company. An innovative team of ambitious accountants, we love the business side of the music and entertainment industry. We’re here to take the headache out of finances letting our clients focus on the things they do best. Sure, it’s challenging, but the work is meaningful and the team has strong values.

What we offer


A growing, innovative and dynamic organisation


A friendly, positive and empowering culture


Flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities


Equal helpings of staff social events and tickets to shows


A cool open-plan warehouse office, easily accessible via PT


A neighbourhood full of some of the best restaurants, cafes (and gelato!) in the city!

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